Текст песни «Аквариум - Dozen of ladies fair»


It happened like this
He stood by the window pane.
Then came to the wall
And put on his coat again.
And he went outside into snowy night
And he took a tram and got out of sight
To where there were
Dozen of ladies fair.

The hostess was nice
She took his hand with a yawn
Said Don't be a stranger
Come see us when you're in town
The guests they were seated all around
Sipping their teas with shit inside
And drank the health
Of dozen of ladies fair.

And then he went out
Not knowing where he was gone
A number he dialed
And freezing he hummed along
But no one seemed to pick up the phone
The world was small And he was alone
The world concealed
Dozen of ladies fair.

At home no one waited for him 'cept for the smoke
And just a few notes true to his verse were there
And believe it or not, dozen of ladies fair
Waited for him at their door
Waited for him at their door
For him to knock
Dozen of ladies fair

I put my pen down
And stood by the window too.
I looked at the wall
And, frankly, admired the view.
I stood there for long in no surprise
Although blue smoke did sting my eyes
But I drank to
The health of
Dozen of ladies
Dozen of ladies

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