Текст песни «Аквариум - Landlord»


Hey landlord, I'm sorry to bother you so,
My visit is certainly weird,
I saw a light in your window upstairs,
Door is open, the guard is asleep.
New tenants are having a party,
They're drunk and they don't seem to care -
But I do remember the day I moved in
And I'm indeed
Glad to know you're still there.

I was just thinking 'bout some private stuff
As I was walking back from some friends
They live in those new apartment blocks
And they're happy about their new place
But then I remember my room full of smoke
And steeples and streetlights, the view
And then I see the light, like on snowy night,
And I laugh
At pretence that it's new.

Landlord, I'm leading a strange kind of life
And the janitor's angry with me.
Your servants are probably very nice guys,
But they're hardly letting me be.
Like a guest of honour, I'm passing them by,
Although I'm just renting this space
But lord, if you pardon my bluntness,
It seems like
I'm of use to Your Grace.

I'm paying my rent not like others do
But I'm paying with what I got.
Landlord, my faith may be all too weak
But I tell you, the Good News is out
Landlord, I'd make a poor foundation
And I won't make an oar at all
But o Landlord, whenever you'll feel the thirst
I know
That you know who to call.

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