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Текст песни «Iron Maiden - Judgment Of Heaven»


A lonely cry for help reaching out for help to anyone
A silent prayer to God to help you your way
I've been depressed so long, it's hard to remember when I was happy
I've felt like suicide a dozen times or more
But that's the easy way, that's the selfish way
The hardest part is to get on with your life
You're searching in the dark, clutching at straws to find a way
You take the tarot cards and throw them to the wind
Your question your beliefs, your inner thoughts, your whole existence
And if there is a God then answer if you will
And tell me of my fate, tell me of my place
Tell me if I'll ever rest in peace

If you could live your life again, would you change a thing or leave it all the same
If you had the chance again, would you change a thing at all
When you look back at your past, can you say that you are proud of what you've done
Are there times when you believe that the right you thought was wrong

All of my life I have believed judgment of heaven is waiting for me
All of my life I have believed judgment of heaven is waiting for me
Waiting for me, waiting for me, waiting for me...
(2:34-Solo: Dave Murray)

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