Текст песни «Limp Bizkit - Just Like This»


Get up (8x)
A like this (3x)
Just like this
Do you feel it (2x)
Get up, get up
Just like this
Do you wanna catch the vibe
That's keepin' me alive?
I'm following these fat ass beats until I die.
Fillin' with tension,
The sick dimension
I rumble the earth with my low unsuspension
Just watch the ground move
Like the south groove
And it aint fake when the girls get naked
Don't call it a comeback
We bring that beat back
And we make sure that John get them beats phat
A lyrical rampage burnin' your headset
Open your minds my rhymes ain't dead yet
I want you to stand up and put them hands up
I'll break it on down cuz your pumpin' my band up
A like this (3x)
Just like this
Come on, come on
Get up, get up, get up, get up

Music is key is the way we're set free
From all this world is throwin at me

The rythym's so insane
It's flowin'through your vein
Triggerin' the neck poppin nerve up in your brain
I don't even know ya
But came to show ya
The Bizkit's Limp when the night is oooooohhhhhhh
We shake the whole place
Make this earthquake
And it ain't fake when we start the riots
So rock the bells
Suck on females
Doin' time blowin' up the foreline
Call it a stampede
Comin' to your town
We ain't gonna hold back
We're comin to get down
I want you to stand up and put them hands up
And break it down cuz your pumpin' my band up
A like this (3x)

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