Текст песни «Limp Bizkit - N 2 Gether Now»


Who could be the boss?
Look up to the cross
Stranded in the land of the lost
Standin' up I'm sideways
I'm blazing up the path
Running on the highways of rap
Choked up, lot of smoke in the charcoal
Lot of stamps and brands we like a barcode
I'm dancin' on the media strikes
And kick the media dykes
It's reinforced me for the fight
And I don't know how long to keep
John Gottie on the phone
I'm tangled in the zone
I got the bees on the track
Where da fuck you at?
With da cows
Let me hear your bitches run your mouth now
Shut the fuck up
I'm plugin' in them social skills
That keep my total bills
That were a million
The last time i checked it
Thank God I'm blessed with
The mind that I'm wrecking
Wait until the second round and knock 'em out
They call me Big John Stud
My middle name mud
Dirty water flow too much for you thug
Can't stand the flood
What up Doc? Hold big gun like Elmer Fudd
The sure shot
Mr. Meth I'm unplugged (learn)
Temperatures too hot for sunblock (burn)
Playin' with minds that get your state time
Locked behind twelve bars from a great mind
Killer bees in the club with this ladybug
Brought a sword to the dance club to cut a rug
Love is love all day 'til they don't slug
And take another life in cold blood
Can't feel me? 'Til it's your blood
Murder is tremendous, crime is endless
Same shit, different day balled up and deadless
They know not what they do
All praise is due
I'm big like easy, you big bamboon.
What's that? I didn't hear you
Shut the fuck up
Come on a little louder
Shut the fuck up
Everybody N 2 Gether Now
Shut the fuck up
What? Shut the fuck up
Wha? Shut the fuck up

Head strong, dead cong, get white dog
Dead weight and dead wrong
Let's get it on
Twelve rounds a throw down
Who hold crown?
Protect land with bull power
Limp Bizkit
Get around like merry-go
Bust a scenario
Comin' through your stereo
Why risk it?
Life styles of the prolific and gifted
Eight essantial vitamins and minerals delish
Word on the street is they bit my thesis
Knocked out they front teethis
Trying to taste fine
Actin' like they heard through the grapevine
Don't beat 'em for the baseline
Duke of eyebrow
Hard as hells said the cutical
Where did you find that ma?
So she killed the fool
Wu-Tang and Limp Bizkit rollin' a set
Kick a hole in the speaker
Pull the plug and inject
Mic check
So what's it all about?

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