Текст песни «Limp Bizkit - Sour»


SOUR top mellow out b***h, hell no i thought i knew ya, took tha time to prove my lovin' to ya, screw ya, cuz now ya got me sittin' in tha sewer, i'm through with all them rollercoaster rides, see i ain't forgot about tha knots that you've been tyin' with my insides, i dropped my pride, without you i was sure to die, i tried with cash, did all i could to make it last, now i accept that that was in tha past, i know ya love me, ya love me like a piece of trash but at first you were so sweet, couldn't go without seein' your face for an hour, so sour, it all became a hassle, you were even livin' in my castle, just to use me and verbally abuse me, that's not tha way i'm runnin' my shop, it took awhile to see tha light before i stopped, and you got dropped off, it's over, probably i'll be sweatin' that, but in tha long run you'll be tha one regrettin' that, maybe ya won't, maybe ya will, but baby you're still about as real as a three dolla bill, there's no one to blame but you, and who gets the blame? me, no one to blame but you, and who gets the blame? me... oh oh, i know i sound like a b***h, a little b***h in heat, with all this anger that i'm feelin b***h i think it's heat, another split tale, just another split tale, thanks for tha lesson, now get your sh*t and hit the trail, we know i'm coming from that old school, you damn fool, intensity is something that i'm made of and certainly i'm not afraid of a little smack in my face, thanks for that taste there's no one to blame but you, and who gets the blame? me, no one to blame but you, and who gets the blame? me... it's all on me, there's no one to blame

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