Текст песни «Машина времени - Bonfire»


All in the willpass,
Wise man used to say
Every bonfire will someday burn away
First there are ashes went there no prize
But when the fire is kind of a flame
Every man keeps it in his own way
Some makes it smoulder
And some make it blaze.
When nights are long
A small fire is just good
Efforts are spared, so in the firewood
You should be wise
To live at your supplies
But once in a while.

There will come some fool
This silly fool will not observe the rules
And his bonfire will rise up to the skies.
Some words still can't be said aloud
Some things still wait to be allowed
The sun can be seen above the hill
The fire is stil can thrill
And God preserves me still.

Wise man retained
The fire is for himself
Had not enough for charity and help
So he wasl save and feel no storm.

You've turn in winter night
To a summer day
And in a hour you fore is died away
But while it burned
All people were warm.

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