Текст песни «Naily - World Go Mad»


We're going through transgression
So far beyond the line
When everyone so numb
We want to resurrect ourselves
And what we've done
To make you say

I want to make this world go mad and obsessed
Kill it to bring up all the pain and


One day we will wake up alive again
Leave all the fears far behind and again

We have our own direction
Which way to go
Be prepared for war
We don't have time to compromise, nor can we ever stop
No time to play these games of yours
It's time to go

One day, you'll see, how far the madness goes
Stay hard, no heart, and rip it up


I need myself, you played me every time
It feels there was no one
I tried to get you inside
And you feel out of this life(feel out of this life)

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