Текст песни «Слот - Time to Go»


Knew this all along; no more confusion.
Today is the day to decide what to do.
What they always say, it's always the same.
They act like it's nothing; you won't follow thru.

When they cover and hide-away - sell us a fallacy,
High time to open up our eyes.

(It's time to go)
Oh, oh, oh:You know it's time that you go.
('cause I said so)
Oh, oh, oh:Don't care where-hit the road.
(Some other road)
Here was once your playground, now it's no more.
(Your world explodes)
Oh, oh, oh:no excuses: just go!

Such a tale to tell, there was a boy that
Once could make all of your dreams just come true
Then the tale had turned, cause he never learned that
What you really wanted was a different hue

Like Alice in Wonderland, this blue pill in my hand
Now I've decided to swallow

Imprisoned inside, they find me.
(It's a bad place to be)
Wounds that are cruel reminders
(Scars that you cannot see)
We once could have been something,
(Break away to get free)
But now all that we'll have is nothing

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