Текст песни «SunSay - So long»


Never Know What Tomorrow Will Bring
Got No Wings But The Bones And The Skin
Its So Clear You Know We Have No Time To Hide Or Show
Something Subtle And Real That Has Always Made Us Grow
While They Are Hunting For Values Outside Would It Take That Much
To F2el All We Really Need Is A..
Our Place Is Where We Are
You Are On Of A Kind
Its So Hard To Stay Pure
But To Late To Be Blind

How Long,so Long

Mind Can Find No Answer To Your Soul
Cant See Through The Grey Skin Of Fall
Learning To Be A Part But Being Part Of All
This World Of This World Of This Freaky World
Hearts Without Any Doubts Words Full Of Truth
Its Not Late To Say That There Is Nothing To Lose
Dont Want No Phony Smiles
Dont Want No More False News
We Are Not Afraid To Be Given What We Choose

If It Feels Like Home,
So Why Should I Leave It?
Feels Like Home,
Why Should I Leave It?
Feels Like Home,
Why Should I Leave It?
Tell Me Why Should I Leave It?

And If You Feel The Same
No Better Time For This
But You Will Never Know How Long Will
It Take Or What You Will Miss
Being Without Being Within
If You Dont Want To Be First
There Is No Need To Win
Would You Leave It All Behind
To Be Hold The Real Life To Believe
In This Moment To Forgive, To Give, To Leave.
Truly To Yourself Does Not Matter How Long
Your The One To Be In
And The One To Go On.

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